Using Validation Library Separately from CodeIgniter

Inspired by Hasin Hayder’s separation of ActiveRecord here; i always wanted to separate some other cool stuffs from CodeIgniter so that i could use those in some other projects which are not built using CodeIgniter. One of the attractive libraries of CodeIgniter which i wanted to separate was Validation Library. Especially for its custom callback functions and individual element error calling like $this->validation->fname_error. This helped me to give my clients more accessibility.

Step by step i will try to separate some other cool stuff ( I hope Derek Allard wont’ mind 😉 ). Here is my first contribution :

To separate the validation library first take out the Validation.php file from CodeIgniter’s system/libraries folder. BTB i am using CodeIgniter 1.6.1 . Now modify by function names:

  1. strip_image_tags() – Comment the body content of this function. I did not able to track it’s use. 😦
  2. valid_ip() – Replace the body of this function from Input library ‘s valid_ip() in system/libraries folder.
  3. xss_clean() – Same as task 2
  4. CI_Validation() – Comment the whole body
  5. Run()

For Task 5:

This is where i had to do maximum modification.

First: To eliminate the language pack dependency i commented line Number : 189 containing ‘$this->CI->lang->load(‘validation’);’. Now to be able to find the language strings i have added the following array in the class from ‘system\language\english\validation_lang.php’.

var $lang = array(

‘required’ => “The %s field is required.”,

‘isset’ => “The %s field must have a value.”,



‘matches’ => “The %s field does not match the %s field.”,


In line : 221; i changed ‘$this->CI->lang->line('isset')‘ => ‘$this->lang['isset']

In line: 319: i changed ‘$this->CI->lang->line($rule)‘ => ‘$this->lang[$rule]

Second: Now the tricky one. Using the Callback functions. For this i commented line 278-281. Actually i did not know what to do with these lines that’s why i commented them 🙂 . Now change the line 282 containing ‘$result = $this->CI->$rule($_POST[$field], $param); ‘ to ‘$result = $rule($_POST[$field], $this); ‘.

Now the structure of the callback function:

function abc_check($str, &$validClass)


if ($str == ‘abc’)


$validClass->set_message(‘abc_check’, ‘The %s field can not be the word “abc”‘);

return FALSE;




return TRUE;



That’s all for the validation function. Oh.. now to use this class u have to do is :


$valid = new CI_Validation();

$rules = array(

‘fname’ => ‘required|callback_abc_check’,


$fields = array(

‘fname’ => ‘First Name’,


$valid->set_rules( $rules );

$valid->set_fields( $fields );

if( $valid->run() == false )

echo $valid->error_string;

Here are the 2 files :




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