PHP extension path confusion in Uniserver

I have been using uniserver for over approximate 1 year now. I was so happy with it. Today we faced a problem while we were trying to activate cURL in uniserver.

Here is the sceneario:

uniserver 3.5 Apollo  : Apache(2.0.59 ), PHP(5.2.3)

In my Laptop i was running uniserver not as a service. But in our real IP server machine we were using uniserver as a service.

When i went to activate cURL in my Laptop i followed this :

  1. downloaded the php 5.2.3 from
  2. i copied the php_curl.dll into ‘/usr/local/php/extensions’ folder
  3. and libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll into ‘/usr/local/php/’
  4. then i removed the comment from php.ini for php_curl.dll

Then i run a test.php which uses curl_init() and it worked fine.

I tried to follow the same procedure in our server machine bt this time curl failed to load. And we had no idea why it did not worked. Then we tried combination/permutation :))  copied 3 dll into windows/system32  and other way. But all failed measurably.

Then we start looking for the reason. Then i stumbled upon  a uniserver forum topic where someone suggested to copy libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll into Apache2/bin folder. And this time it worked fine.

Now, we have to dig for the reason. why this happened to us?? Today i found this

where they faced such problems for openssl and the reason explained. here i am quoting the magnetic part of the topic:

The php directory must be in the env path of the Apache2 service
(e.g. in the system path) or else some php extensions will mysteriously
fail to load.

I hope this comes helpful for others.


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