My New Life with Visual SVN

From the moment i heard about SVN( subversion: a software code change management system ). i always wanted to use it in my programming life. But for the command mode server and some configuration problem i never had a real chance to use it. This reminds me of my Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration experience. I wasted a good amount of my time to configure them. Don’t blame me, i was a novice one. Then my teacher Syed Monowar Hossain informed me about WAMP. Later i introduced with XMPP and after that uni-server. Anyway past is past.

Where was i ??? okey .. SVN. My friend JONY showed me the visualSVN few days ago. Damn why didn’t i find it before?? Now i am so happy to use SVN in my programming life. And i feel like a new force of coding urge in me.

So, i thought to post this in my blog, which may help other people who want to use SVN in their life but did not found the visual SVN.

Here is the link : visualsvn

1 thing, don’t forget to download Subversion client: tortoise

Note: You need not to setup Apache or configure anything. Just install the visualsvn and tortoise and you ready to go. If you like it, please pass it to others. 😀

[ Edited on 3rd January 2010 ] Nice Visual Guide


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