RAD in CodeIgniter

What is the first thing you did when you start learning PHP? You wrote a PHP page which echoed ‘Hello World !’ . Later you start developing sites for yourself and for other people. One fine day you somehow stumbled upon a framework. And at last you see that you need not to code much. Though Framework provides a good number of library and helpers bt still you do code everything from scratch. So, where is the RAD( Rapid Application Development ) which every framework shouts about.

Today i am going to show you or direct you to some of the contributions in CodeIgniter which will help you to develop a site rapidly ( 😀 ) . At least it’s helping me out :

BackendPro Control Panel

Every site whether it’s a commercial or a personal, you need a user management system including role management. This control panel provides the exact thing. With some additional features like asset management, page and view … please go and discover it. The documentation is fair enough to learn. If you have heard about matchbox then you may like it more. It uses it. So, you can integrate your modules with it in no time.

Rabbit Forms ( A CRUD automate Library )
Now you have a Control Panel, and you need a CRUD system. Rabbit Forms is just the tool you need to have. I have included it with BackendPro and it helps me a lot. Including it with BackendPro is not that tough. Before you start with Rabbit Forms please view the video tutorial. Which helped me gr8.

GandyXT ( New CodeIgniter Package )

This one is new in town. But it can give you a quick start. It includes XAJAX scripts, Asset helper, facebox, lightbox, .htaccess modification bundled with codeigniter installation. 

CodeExtinguisher ( Plug and Play )

Though it  seems to me that it’s a combination of BackendPro and RabbitForms but till now it did not impressed me. I personally like to have control on each and every simple things. But why should you listen to me ?? Go and have a look at it.

Bamboo Invoice ( Invoicing System )

I will never forget this one. If you need an invoicing system i prefer this one. To know my opinion you can see one of my post.

Blogmer ( Blog System )

It looks impressive. If you need one go for it ..


I saw some ORM like Datamapper, IgnitedRecord

[ Note: There are many other  contributions which can help you. Always keep an eye in wiki and forum of CodeIgniter. ]


4 thoughts on “RAD in CodeIgniter

  1. Jeff Benetti says:

    Comparing Backend Pro and CodeExtinguisher is not a 1:1 comparison in my opinion. It depends what you are trying to create. I used CodeExtinguisher for a site where the customer wanted to be able to update there own content. It was great because it allowed the customer to create educational program descriptions and link educators to these descriptions very easily.

    I am using Backend Pro for an application where I want to be able to have an overview of all members plus I want people to be able to login in and have restricted access. This application is still under construction.

  2. tohin says:

    I do agree CodeExtinguisher and backendpro is not a 1:1 comparison but i also think CodeExtinguisher and backendpro with rabbitform is a 1:1 comparison.

    I liked the what you said, yeah .. at the end it completely depends on what you are trying to create.


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