Planning to create my first screencast on CodeIgniter

I am planning to make my first screencast. Here is my rough plan:

Desktop Tools I will use:

  1. Camtasia ( for screen capture )
  2. Total Commander
  3. DBdesigner 4
  4. uniserver

CodeIgniter :

  1. CodeIgniter 1.6.3
  2. BackendPro
  3. RabbitForms
  4. Jquery Pagination

Online Resource: 

  1. Oswd ( Open Source web design ) for template

Hopefully the outcome will be a blog.. before 18October. [ Apology: due to sudden crisis(personal) i am postponing the screencast till november 15. I am really sorry. But i will upload the necessary files before the screencast. This will give a glimpse of what i was trying to do.]

P.S. Do post your suggesstion. 

4 thoughts on “Planning to create my first screencast on CodeIgniter

  1. Jeff Benetti says:

    I assume that you haven’t yet done the video or uploaded it. I would be interested in being notified when it is ready. Thanks for all your hard work. I am particularly interested in the integration of BackendPro and Rabbit forms.

  2. tohin says:

    I am ashamed and extremely sorry about what is happening. When i tried to sit back and do something about the screen cast i just could not make it. Last time i tried to do that and ended up writing a post on Rabbitform.

    I will let you know for sure.. thanks…

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