CSS and JS multiple file compression

For last 2 days i was looking for a nice CSS/JS compression tool not online but offline. I saw YUI compressor but still that does not mesmerized me much. And another thing i wanted to compress multiple CSS/JS files into one to reduce HTTP request and site loading time.

After searching a lot, i found many solution but none of them provide all in one. At last i come up to a 2 step solution.

Here is it for CSS files :

STEP-1: Packed my all css files using this little AIR tool here. This can pack JS files too.
STEP-2: Now compress again by eliminating all un-necessary characters from that pack file using 1 of the 3 following online sites.

  1. here – To use this you have to show it the URI of your CSS pack file. It has so many features.
  2. here –  My personal favorite.
  3. here –  This one has multiple options but still i like the 2nd one.

Now for JS files follow STEP 1 and then choose any one of the following compressor to make the job done:

  1. http://dean.edwards.name/packer/
  2. http://javascriptcompressor.com/

If you have a better solution please do share.

Note: here is nice link for CSS related stuffs from smashing magazine.


One thought on “CSS and JS multiple file compression

  1. SagiveSEO says:

    I keep finding interesting tools in your Blog..
    10x a lot, i was looking for a CSS compression tool
    added you to my favorites.. cheers

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