Migrating to Linux ( in my case Ubuntu 8.10 )

Breaking a Habit is tough; But was planning this for long to migrate to linux. In my case i had two options : Fedora Core 9 and Ubuntu 8.10. At the very end, i choose Ubuntu 8.10 . Someday i will briefly discuss about that. For now , I am about to discuss how i moved to linux without breaking most of my habits:

Total Commander  Vs Krusader

I am a total Commander User and  i don’t know how could i have survived in linux without Krusader. It’s a nice replacement of Total Commander with little bits of lacking. But i am fine with it. Another hint,  If you are too glued with total commander then use WINE ( windows enviroment in Linux )  and install totalcommander in it.

NOTEPAD++ Vs Kate /Vim

As i have already told you about WINE so i think you may not want to know about KATE. But KATE can be a good replacement for Notepad++. But if you are a NOTEPAD++ addict like me then install an FTP server and then use total commander ( inside wine) and then work in your files.

WINE( Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer )

This will remove most of your headache but don’t expect much from it.


I use gxine, VLC, Rhythmbox player for multimedia purpose.

Some other tools :

Openoffice , Firefox, Downloader 4 X ..

Still Looking for :

I am still looking for a nice visual MySQL management like SQLYog replacement in Ubuntu. Currenlty i am using PHPMyAdmin. If anyone knows a better one leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Migrating to Linux ( in my case Ubuntu 8.10 )

  1. Marc Harter says:

    I found MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator to be suitable replacements for SQLyog. Apparently yog works on Linux through Wine but I wanted a native app.

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