My favorite Modules in Drupal

I have been planning to write a post regarding drupal for quite a long time. Today i am enlisting some of the modules which I use most and a sentence or 2 to explain their task:

  1. Administration Menu:
    It’s an elegant Navigation menu for Drupal for Administration. It creates the navigation menu on top of the site in a sleek bar. I always put this in my development and remove the navigation block. Don’t forget to add $closure in your custom theme when you are using this module.
  2. WYSIWYG API : ( Previously TinyMCE )
    An elegant RICH text editor is enough to satisfy the client or me. Though with many unwanted behavior or so.. I still like to use such module in my installation. IMCE is another module to integrate with TinyMCE which supports Image Upload mechanism on Flow.
  3. CCK ( Content Construction Kit ):
    This can add Additional Fields in your custom content. Must have tool.
    Drupal to me is uncomplete without CCK and VIEWS modules. These two can make like as easy as possible. Views helps you to fetch contents they way you want it.. and Theme wizard is a bless.
    To fetch some additional data or Registration form, most time I depend on this module. This has some cool features like sending mail when someone fill ups the form. Must have tool for all.
  6. Date:
    It provides a date field for your contents. Really Helpful.
  7. Acidfree:
    Many may say it’s not ready for production use. But i use it a lot where i need a gallery.  It has some nice features too.
  8. Lightbox2:
    Combine this with Acidfree you will get a nice gallery.
  9. Image :
    If you need an image Content, here you have it.
  10. Pathauto:
    If you are tired of calling your contents by node/1 or node/420 then this can help you to automate or manual entry to change it to meaningful reference.
  11. Calendar:
    To create an Event page, Calendar module is very helpful.
  12. Devel :
    Though this one is a geeky module but it helps a lot to understand how drupal works out.
  13. Contemplate:
    I have not used this in any place but i think it can be helpful for many that’s why i am enlisting it here.
  14. Jquery Update:
    Pretty self explanatory.. i think.

There are many other modules which can be enlisted here but i think these are the basic and must have modules to have to start your work.  I will add more modules later .. please drop you suggestion .


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