Log – 1: Network Server and B/W Re-seller

Some Background Talk:

It was way back when I first got my hand on linux in 2002. It was a Red-hat. My neighbour Zakir Uncle introduced it to me. He told me at that time, linux holds gr8 features and u can do so many things with it. But all I did was ( cd .. / cd. / mkdir / touch / ).  I removed linux after 1month cause it was boring( what do u expect from a 3month old experienced computer user? ). Later, I experiment with different linux versions ( fedora, mandrake); and did able to make it popular enough that my late cousin (she died in 2008), my little sister and even my aunt used linux. Just to play Shishanshu and Mahjong.

In February, 2009 jhoroTEK configured the network server at Skyinnova (experimental work), where we configured a central server with Fedora Core 10 and squid. Adnan made it a success. [ He was suppose to write an article on it. Hopefully he will put it sooner.] My  friend Harun-ur Rashid who is a B/W  re-seller in our area was using squid as a proxy server and tc for traffic shaping.  No visual admin section and no DHCP.  So I got the perfect opportunity to experiment at his place.

For the Reader:

It’s not a complete tutorial on Configuring a network Server using CENT OS rather an experience sharing.  If you can take the clues and see the rose line u will find the destiny 😉 .  My task is still on-going;  if you have better suggestion then drop a comment.

If you want more details or consultancy then contact me.

Follow me on twitter  @neotohin  to see which step i am right now and some tips 🙂 .

Things in my hand:

  1. An 1 mbps B/W from ISP provider
  2. A Core-2-duo Machine ( server ), A Pentium 4 client Machine)
  3. 1 switch,  1 hub
  4. CentOS 5.2

Task :

  1. Share the B/W with clients in sub-network
  2. Traffic Shaping Each client will have different kind of B/W plan like  16KB to 64KB shared.
  3. DHCP Server + MAC binding [ future PPP ]
  4. Proxy Server
  5. FTP, WEB server ( Simple extensions )
  6. More interesting things to come 😉

Let the Journey Begin ====================================


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