VIM really enhanced

I am a regular SublimeText user. Vim has always been my favourite editor of choice when i need to do small tweaks and etc. I kept an eye on recent vim plugins and posts made by numerous vim lovers. The ultimate goal was to make vim more easier and more friendly. Here are my tips and tricks that i used to make vim close to Sublime :

  1. Vundle : I have used pathogen to manage my plugins. Vundle takes plugins management to a whole new level. Think of it as Sublime Package manager. Just put the github repo name and run “BundleInstall” . Before you do this make sure your vim supports ruby and install Vundle in your system. To check if your system has ruby support run :
    $vim –version | grep ruby
    If nothing comes up then make sure you update your vim with ruby support.
  2. Vim-airline: Makes vim status and tab bar intuitive. Some cool themes for eyecandy.
  3. Vim-unimpaired : Buffer is a cool way to edit multiple files in vim. But switching them can be hectic. [b  a nice key map to switch between buffers.
  4. ctrlP : NerdTree provides a cool file explorer but nothing can beat the fuzzy search to load specific file. Those who have used it never looked back. This plugin provides the exact same feature in vim.
  5. vim-multiple-cursor : First saw this feature in Notepad++ . A very handy way to refactor code lines. Better than typical Search/Replace.


Finally there are tons of dotfiles around . Dont copy and paste those into your vimrc. I used to do that which does not helps you to learn. Instead pick one dotfile then try to understand each lines. Only move those that you think will help you eventually.

My vimrc file. 🙂

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