The Making of ‘About’ page

I had this idea to make this page more informative about me and the works i do. Even i had plans to make this a masterpiece of literacy 😀 .. as it turns out that making it just a readable material is not only hard; it also needs a lot of patience. So, at the end i stick to that pieces of simple thoughts and my contacts in the previous version of this page. As time passed, more and more people are coming to the blog but still i kept that page. The top most reason was i am not a good self promoter.

But it’s time for me to give a proper intro of mine. Behold; it will not be a pleasant reading.

My name is Mohammad Amzad Hossain nick “tohin”. I will hit 30 in December 2014. Currently working as a Branch Manager for Sourcetop Inc.

I completed my graduation from Southeast University in Computer Science & Engineering in year 2007. In my academic life i was jumping from this language to that. Worked on C/C++, PHP, Java and even C# and have created few application using those. I have participated on different programming contests. The best outcome was we achieve 7th in 2006 dhaka regional Contest .

In 2007, I started my professional career as System Developer for Softwork Solutions. I started experimenting with CodeIgniter and Drupal. Later I have re-factored few scratch apps for Real Estate Companies into CodeIgniter, Developed a newspaper website and few others using Drupal. I have created an Accounting system in Java ( in 2009 I ported that to CI).

In 2008, It was an eventful year. I joined as System Developer in jhoroTEK ( later in 2009 I got promoted as Project Manager) . There I worked on SMS Server Systems. I had to develop numerous applications for Content Providers (CP). I developed a SMS Framework called jSMS inspired from CodeIgniter core. That act as a Gateway for different Teleco Operators. I also managed the website development team, that used Drupal as a primary CMS.

In 2010, I joined Sourcetop Inc as a Branch Manager. The experienced, skilled and talented members of Sourcetop; are it’s strength.

About my strength, I am jack of all trades, master in PHP. I like to share my findings with everyone and dont want to be a Leecher. I have participated on seminars where i talked about Jquery , CodeIgniter etc. You can get my slides from slideshare. Here is my twitter account neotohin.

: in times i will update this page .. so keep an eye for updates 🙂 ..


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