Facebook logic bug or not .. i don’t know..

Here is the scenerio..  Let’s say my friend F1 has a friend F2  ( F2 is not a friend to me i want to call me T ).  F2 has a privacy option so T can’t watch F2’s  profile. 

Now oneday F1 comments a picture of F2.  As F2 is no close to T so this comment feed should not be visible to T ( in my opinion). But it’s showing in T‘s  Latest Feed i think because of F1( as he is a friend of T ). 

But here is the catch, Now if T clicks on that particular photo link he can see that picture. OKey it’s fair, your friend comments on another friend’s photo it’s logical you may can see that picture. But what happens is .. now T can see all the pitures in that album of F2


I am not sure if this is a logic bug or some privacy issue. It felt to me surprising. If you are reading this post and you know the reason.. plz do enlighten me.. pleaseeeee




Damn I am late again.. :(… … here he found it before me. But not found an answer yet.