Migrating to Linux ( in my case Ubuntu 8.10 )

Breaking a Habit is tough; But was planning this for long to migrate to linux. In my case i had two options : Fedora Core 9 and Ubuntu 8.10. At the very end, i choose Ubuntu 8.10 . Someday i will briefly discuss about that. For now , I am about to discuss how i moved to linux without breaking most of my habits:

Total Commander  Vs Krusader

I am a total Commander User and  i don’t know how could i have survived in linux without Krusader. It’s a nice replacement of Total Commander with little bits of lacking. But i am fine with it. Another hint,  If you are too glued with total commander then use WINE ( windows enviroment in Linux )  and install totalcommander in it.

NOTEPAD++ Vs Kate /Vim

As i have already told you about WINE so i think you may not want to know about KATE. But KATE can be a good replacement for Notepad++. But if you are a NOTEPAD++ addict like me then install an FTP server and then use total commander ( inside wine) and then work in your files.

WINE( Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer )

This will remove most of your headache but don’t expect much from it.


I use gxine, VLC, Rhythmbox player for multimedia purpose.

Some other tools :

Openoffice , Firefox, Downloader 4 X ..

Still Looking for :

I am still looking for a nice visual MySQL management like SQLYog replacement in Ubuntu. Currenlty i am using PHPMyAdmin. If anyone knows a better one leave a comment.


LAMP configuration in Ubuntu 8.10

Recently i have installed Ubuntu and trying to move all my work and tools ( some replacements ) in Ubuntu. The first thing i was troubled by was to install LAMP. After searching and reading some of the blogs it helped me to solve the problem.  Here is the collection of commands that helped out:

sudo aptitude purge apache2 apache2-common php5 php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server
sudo aptitude install apache2 apache2-common php5 php5-common libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server
sudo aptitude install phpmyadmin

Here are the 2 blog posts which helped me :  by wulfshayde and from here

Hopefully this will help others …